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Vegan Activists and Environmentalists

MISBRUK means abuse in Norwegian. Our clothing brand focuses on exposing those who abuse animals and our planet. We want to show people whats happening in our world.

Circus animals. Is it worth it?

The Lion population decreased by 43% in the last 21 years. They lost their home to 15 countries. Lions were declared vulnerable in 1996.

Activist Wear

Money is just Paper. Do whales deserve to die for it?

Between 1985 and 2017, over Fifty Five Thousand whales were caught and slaughtered. The blue, sei, fin and humpback whale are all vulnerable and that is just to name a few.

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Our Misbruk T-shirts are eco-friendly. Our entire brand is eco-friendly! The packaging we use, the ink, our equipment and the fabrics and much more. The shirts are made from Organic Cotton grown in Canada.

Vegan Activists

Misbruk T-shirts are made out of plant-based materials. We use symbolism and controversial illustrations to convey deeper issues present on this planet, issues that aren't noticed by many people. That is how we fight for what is right.

Hand Printed Designs

As Misbruk we are proud to use vegan water based ink. Printing every single shirt by hand ensures very high quality and durable prints. We print down in our workshop in the Manawatu region - The heart of unethical farming.

The MISBRUK T-shirts

Fight for Animal Rights, Fight for our Planet

It is not only about spreading awareness. Its also about living cruelty free and making the least harm to mother earth.

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Screen Printed

Vegan Activists and Environmentalists Wear

Be with us and show the world that animal abuse and destroying the planet is not ok.

Activist Wear