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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers

  • What material are your clothes made out from?

    At the moment we are focusing on 100% cotton, however, in the future we plan to expand to other plant based fabrics like bamboo for example.

  • How do you print your t-shirts?

    We print our t-shirts by using the screen printing method. We use nontoxic and eco-friendly water based ink.

  • What packaging does the delivery come in?

    We use plant produced packaging from

  • What does MISBRUK mean?

    MISBRUK means abuse in Norwegian. We focus on conveying the idea of how people abuse animals for money.

  • How should I wash my clothing?

    We provide instructions with your shipment but since you are here asking the question, we recommend washing the clothing in cold or warm temperatures. We also recommend to wash it with like-coloured clothing (white with white, black with black). As it goes for any plant based clothing, it is recommended to avoid drying the clothing in a drying machine.

  • Will you add XL sizes?

    Yes, we do plan on producing XL sizes, however, at the moment as we are a startup we want to focus on the most common sizes.

  • Where are the T-shirts made?

    Our t-shirts are sewn and made by Gildan (a Canadian company). The cotton is produced in Canada and exported to different factories around the world. The shirts are ethically sewn down in Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras and Bangladesh.

  • Can you add more FAQ?

    Of course we can. Please send us the questions via Facebook or directly through our contact page.